SPAL was created by myself, Mikal Perez. I am of Haitian, Puerto Rican, and Cruzan descent, from Miami-Dade County. I have been painting self taught since 2014 and all of these pieces are for you, the people. 

SPAL is an acronym for Spread Peace And Love and serves as a mission to share the stories that I tell on canvas and clothing to expand someone else’s perspective. The purpose behind my work is to teach and heal with my art. It is a form of modern spirituality and symbolism. 

Throughout my career, I have independently created and sold my art via my website, on the streets of art communities such as Wynwood Miami during Art Walk and Art Basel and also in Brooklyn, New York. I have also exhibited in two group shows. One in Orlando, Florida and at The Void in Miami, Florida. I strive to create paintings and clothing that show even though we all face negativity in life, within those times there is a light of hope that shines from our own gold soul.